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Facilities Management
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Facilities Management
Friday, 16 February 2018
How To Get Better Attendance At An Event
Hosting a company event, function, or a conference is indeed one of the most challenging to organise.  Apart from that, you need to come up with interesting ideas on how to make it an event that people would want to look forward to.  If attendance is mandatory, then you wouldn't have a problem at all but what if it's the other way around?  How can you possibly have people willingly go to that event or get them excited?  Believe it or not, you just need to invite an after dinner speaker and that's basically it.  What?  Better yet, go ahead and have a celebrity after dinner speaker and your event will instantly become the "talk-of-the-town".  Most people will really pay attention to a celebrity if they have something to say, especially if that would be something inspirational.  Or something that will entertain everyone at the event.  The thing is, you will never regret hiring any of these professional speakers because they will definitely make it a night that everyone will remember.

After dinner speakers aren't too hard to find.  In fact, there are quite a number of them all over the country and there is really that one speaker who is perfect for whatever event you may have.  But of course, you don't need to get in touch with them on your own.  There are a bunch of companies out there specialising in after dinner entertainment so you just need to contact them and they will search for that speaker that would truly fit whatever event you may have.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 12:00 AM EST
Tuesday, 12 December 2017
Effortlessly Fashionable
Believe it or not, you can be fashionable in an effortless way.  You don't need to exert much effort and try really hard in order for you to look beautiful and feel good with what you are wearing at the same time.  Take it from the woman-on-the-go or the woman who loves to travel.  She can look as fashionable as you can imagine and she can do it in just a few minutes.  But the question is, how does she do it?  Go ahead and ask a Misa Los Angeles UK stockist and they will gladly give you all the answers that you need.  Check out Misa's clothing line in the stockist's web site and you will see and understand how the travelling woman does fashion without any effort.  She doesn't only look beautiful and stunning; she is also wearing them with comfort.  Yes folks, fashion is never complete without giving it's bearer an experience that she will never forget.  Something that will really make her go back to that experience over and over again.

Misa Los Angeles UK will definitely give the woman-on-the-go what she truly needs (and want as well).  If you can spare some time, please do check out this clothing line from any stockist's web site and see for yourself.  It is only by witnessing through your own eyes that you can fully understand what the travelling woman wants.  Misa is indeed her go-to wardrobe when it comes to dressing up for occasions during her travels all over the world.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 9:23 PM EST
Thursday, 19 October 2017
What You Wear Tells A Story About You
You are what you wear.  This statement is indeed as true as "you are what you eat".  What you wear everyday tells a story of who you are and of course, what you like in terms of fashion.  Each and every one of us has his/her own style and it is indeed different from one another because we are all unique.  We all come in different shapes and sizes and for the travelling woman, Misa Los Angeles can definitely give her what she needs (and even what she wants).  The designs made by MISA is mostly inspired by its creator's travels all over the world.  Shadi Askari-Farhat created this clothing line way back in 2016.  The name/brand "MISA" actually came from a combination of Milla and Sayeh; her beloved daughters' names.  Thanks to Shadi's creative and beautiful designs, the woman-on-the-go can dress up for any occasion wherever she might be.  At the same time, having to wear a specific style/design tells a story of who you are and what your journey is all about.

We are so lucky nowadays because no matter which place or location or country the clothing that we so need to order is, we can actually get it in only a short period of time.  Plus, you need not worry about huge shipping costs as well because we have a Misa Los Angeles UK stockist that you can get in touch with anytime and anywhere at your own convenience.  You will surely be able to grab that dress that you like.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 3:58 AM EDT
Thursday, 12 January 2017
Trying Things Out By Letting
If you are still undecided if you would want to buy a home in a certain area, why not try to live there first by renting a property?  Purchasing a permanent home involves a lot of effort, thinking, seeking advise and of course, you would need to shell out a bigger amount of money.  There are even properties that you can rent-to-own; you can really almost get what you need and want.  Just get in touch with letting agents in Surrey and these experts will take care of all your letting needs.  There is more to renting out a property than just telling your agent your preferences and specifications and finding that home for you.  The lettings process involves a lot of technicalities, people and whatnot.  You definitely need a professional to help you understand and most importantly, someone who can process everything smoothly.  Having an agent help you can simplify things for everyone and you will feel less stressful and hassled.  You can channel your efforts to other important matters that you need to attend to.

Since there are a lot of letting agents in Surrey, finding the one who can really cater to your needs is a bit difficult.  But don't despair because you just have to go on-line and search for companies that are in the lettings business.  Or better yet, an estate agency that can help you with all things that involves property.  They are the best ones that can truly help you find the right agent that is familiar with the area that you are interested in.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 11:41 PM EST
Tuesday, 18 June 2013
Shop fit out- Your business increases in minutes!

Pricing is the most important criteria when deciding upon the right shop fit out company. However, other factors need to be considered such as payment options, how will you be billed, contract term, designing fees, incentives such as bonuses offered to customers and spacing plans available. Make sure that all your designing needs such as shelves arrangement or ceiling renovation are solved immediately. If you are in doubt about your contract, then you should contact the service provider in order to find out more about the type of contract you have for your fitting needs.

Quick response is an indication of the professionalism of a UK designer or UK service company. Those technicians who do not take your call or get back to you within few days are the ones that do not show up on time and will not be available in the case of any emergency. Before selecting just anyone, it is worth looking at each option thoroughly so that you can make the right decision. Some cities have a very active market with lot of competition so that consumers have a wide range of choices. One needs to compare the prices in order to find cheap fitting company that supply quality and reliable service.


Electricity is also important to consider when one talks about shop fitting needs, as it is a business necessity of your daily lives but one uses far more of it than one should. Despite the cheap electricians in UK, you still have the opportunity to save large amount of dollars each year on electricity bills. This you can do by comparing the prices and then following certain tips to reduce the electricity consumption in your shop. This will also lead to less electrical problems such as overheating, short circuits, power breakdowns and wiring or fuse problem.

The teams working in store fit out companies have significant experience in decoration and designing, with the management supervising the work of each member of the staff. With their help, you can also compare different technicians in UK. There is always an online comparison calculator that will help you select the best technician according to your requirements and needs. Now you can stop worrying about shop renovation and attracting customers.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 2:27 AM EDT
Monday, 17 June 2013
Hotel Fit Out & Facilities Management

Facilities management is considered as the engine of business operations, simply because a business would not be able to operate well without it. As you know, the facilities department of any given company represents a large part of the company’s day to day operations and if the facilities are not managed the right way, the business could lead to failure. It is for this reason why a lot of hotel owners would look for highly efficient hotel fit out contractors that can provide them with the best facilities management services to help keep their business moving.

Role of Hotel Fit Out Contractors

The role of the hotel fit out contractors is very important. In fact, the life cycle of a company would depend mainly in the hands of the hotel fit out contractors. Most of the tasks would involve planning, managing, designing, cleaning, as well as implementing new business solutions for the benefit of the company.

Definition of Facilities Management

The facilities management is a kind of business discipline that sits right in the middle of any company’s business operations. The facilities management services are becoming in demand these days simply because a lot of hotel organisations have found it to be a big help for their company. The hotel fit out contractors are a big help in the smooth operation of the hotel which is a big factor in the overall success of the business organisation.

Roles and Responsibilities of Facilities Professionals

The hotel fit out contractors have a lot of important roles and responsibilities although most of their tasks have something to do with the maintenance and management of the facilities within the hotel. They are also tasked to coordinate various activities within the organisation and facilitate some of the business operations.

Looking for the Right Company

Since the role of the hotel fit out is very important in any given company, it is therefore important that you look for the right company for the job. They should be able to provide excellent quality services that truly reflect the company’s social responsibility as well as environmental sustainability. They should also protect and maintain the company assets well and oversee the daily business operations of the hotel.

Other companies would think of the hotel fit out contractors as added expense, but the truth is that hiring them can actually save a hotel lots of money.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 8:07 AM EDT
Thursday, 6 June 2013
Why Hire Companies that Offer Office Fit Out and Facilities Management Services?

The outsourcing of companies that deal with office fit out and facilities management services are becoming common these days, perhaps due to the amount of jobs required to run a company. It can be very stressful to operate a business on your own especially if you are just starting up in the industry. Outsourcing the office fit out to a third party company will allow business owners to focus more on what’s important in order to end up successful on their business endeavours.

Why Choose to Outsource?

There are various reasons why a company would need to outsource their office fit out and facilities management services but perhaps the most common reason is for them to be able to save a lot on their operational expenses. This also saves a lot of time too. By outsourcing these services, you will no longer have to worry about the maintenance of your business facilities as well as on managing your workforce. The companies will also be able to analyse any problems you might have in your company and they will come up with the best strategies to help resolve these issues.

How to Choose the Best Company?

It is important that you choose carefully the company to whom you want the services to be outsourced. You must consider your budget first and find out how much you will be willing to spend for these services. There are lots of companies that are willing to offer their services within the availability of your funds and they will make use of their expertise to help you save a lot on your business expenses. It is also important that you choose those who are expert in the field of business you are in or those who have experiences in commercial fit out with some of your tough competitors.

What is the Biggest Advantage?

The biggest advantage of hiring a third party company for your commercial fit out and facilities management is that it will give you plenty of time to concentrate more on what is important for the company. It allows you to come up with the best strategies in order for your company to be able to penetrate in the market despite of the competitors. You will no longer have to worry about the waste management in your business premises, the cleaning and maintenance of your equipment, as well as the catering, security and other tasks because this will be taken care of by the company that handles your facilities management services. All you basically need to do is to focus on leading the company in order to reach your organisational goals and end up successful.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 9:36 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 7 June 2013 5:44 AM EDT
Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Office interior design- Achieve your vision in a short span of time!

In these difficult economical times, the cost of moving seems to be a huge responsibility and an extremely costly burden which includes new stationery, notifying suppliers and customers and many other moving expenses. The staff also gets upset when they are asked to move to a new location and this affects their work to a great deal. A proper office interior design can clear up a large space you do not even know and can be your most stress-free solution.

The office refurbishment company will also provide you an office space planning service that will help you in getting the most out of your office and working team. The team will arrange meetings for you so that you can brief them with your needs and requirements. The budget statement and final drawings will reach you for your approval. This will complete your design stage.

Areas are often sectioned in order to minimize the noise and increase worker’s satisfaction during work. Furthermore, some private areas are also created for confidential activities such as human resource interviews and meetings. It can be constructed in a short span of time, thus, reducing inconvenience and downtime for the business. It shows that office renovation can take place with fewer tradesmen as compared to other traditional methods. A storage wall is also used for alleviating the office mess and creating a modern working environment. It is the most cost effective way to create a useful and stylish office space. All the rooms can be separated from large open spaces.

One should make sure that office space planning company should be chosen which has a reliable history with its suppliers and which also helps you in obtaining first class products at economical rates. The operators in the company should be highly trained for the installations. They should strictly adhere to health and safety regulations. A good company will help you achieve your vision within your set budget. One should remember that office interior designing is not something that decorates your office, but it is a key to increasing the productivity of your business. So take a wider perspective, study the whole process, choose the right company and then go for it!

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 6:43 AM EDT
Thursday, 2 May 2013
Hiring the Best Office Fit Out Company

If you are considering the thought of updating your office space then you have to make sure that you hire the right facilities management contractors. This article will discuss the most important things that you must take into consideration when looking for the best company to hire.

Come up with a List

First of all, you begin by coming up with a list of companies that offer facilities management services in your area. You can make use of the Internet to do a search and make sure to click on each of the company’s website to find out what kind of services they offer. If you are in the restaurant business, then you should look for the company that can offer restaurant fit out services as well.

Call and Negotiate

Once you have the list, highlight the best companies out of the list and remove those that are not suitable for the job. As soon as you have shortlisted the name of the office fit out companies that you are interested in doing business with, contact each of the company and negotiate for the best price. Of course, choose those companies that could give you the best deal.

Consider the Experience

It is also important that you look for a company that is well-experienced on the field of office fit out services. Read their website and see if they have offered jobs for some of the biggest companies in your area. Call these companies and ask how they feel about their services. Their website should also list down all the tasks that they are capable of doing. If you need services for office interior design aside from the fit out, then you have  to hire a company that has experiences on that field as well.


Another thing that you will consider when looking for facilities management contractors is the accreditation. But it is not enough that you read their website to see if they are really accredited. Find out what the accreditation is and see if it is legit. Some office fit out companies would claim that they are accredited by a certain body of organization, which might be a fraud. What you should look for is a national accreditation like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as CHAS.

So these are some of the tips that can help you find the best contractor for your office fit out jobs. 

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 6:45 AM EDT
Thursday, 14 March 2013
Facilities Management - how to save money for your Office Fit Out
Topic: Facilities Management

As you might already know, office fit out services would involve spending huge sums of money. First of all, you will need to hire a moving company or a truck that will transport all equipment and home office furnishings needed for your office building. Not only that, you will need to invest on the retail interior design, which is very necessary if your business is in the retail industry. Shoppers these days would often prefer to shop at a store that looks pleasing to their eyes. Given all these, you should therefore allocate a considerable amount of budget for your office fit out or hire a facilities management company that will take over the whole project for you.

One way to save money for the fit out services is to hire the best moving company. Do your research and make sure to avoid those companies that have a reputation of ruining or damaging office properties during hauling. You could end up spending more money if the moving company could accidentally damage your office furniture and equipment. This is especially important for a commercial gym design which requires transporting expensive sports equipment and other machineries needed for the gym.

If you do not have enough money to hire facilities management companies, you can actually try to design your office space on your own with the help of some resources and demonstration videos online. If you are in the retail industry, study the procedures in coming up with an effective retail interior design, and try to come up with a design that will look appealing to the eyes of your customers. Shoppers would actually prefer to shop on attractive retail outlets instead of stores that look totally blunt.

It would also help you to save some money if you plan your office fit out ahead. Make sure that you plan wisely to ensure that you will be able to achieve the kind of look that you want for your office building. Visit your office building and brainstorm some office design ideas that are suitable to the kind of business that you are in.

It is also highly recommended that you choose the right facilities management specialists for your business. For instance, if your business has something to do with fitness gyms, then look for those facilities management companies that have experiences in commercial gym design. Hiring someone that is not knowledgeable on the kind of business that you have might just cost you to spend more money in the long run.

Posted by facilitiesmngment at 7:09 AM EDT

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